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 Chemical Storage with Mountaineer Inc.

When it comes to Chemicals, Mountaineer can supply you with the best combination of Quality and Pricing available. Considering our years of experience and that we work with over 100 vendors, we can bring you exactly what your application requires.

We provide numerous products from many different manufacturers:

  • Cleaners:
    Spray Cleaners, Soak Cleaners, Maintenance & Floor Cleaners
  • Solvents:
    Alcohols, Glycols, Aromatics, & Ketones
  • Commodities:
    Lime Slack, Caustic Soda, Oils & Gases
  • Metal Working Fluids:
    Machining Fluids, Drawing Compounds, Rust Inhibitors
  • Specialty Products:
    Mold Releases, Ceramic Coatings, Fire Retardants

Mountaineer has supplied products from and to North America, Europe, Asia and Central America. We are known for being able to locate difficult to find products. Our strong network of worldwide manufacturers makes finding, sourcing and delivering your products hassle free.

Whether you are searching for a Commodity Product in Bulk, a Specialty product in a 55 gallon drum or something else, Mountaineer can help.

Waste Services with Mountaineer Inc.


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